Sustainable with every day products.

Eco Concepts & Products wants to mobilize people to make a difference with products we all still use daily for a more sustainable society. Eco Concepts & Products markets, under the trade name PaperWise, high-quality and environmentally friendly cardboard and paper, made from agricultural waste. PaperWise offers 100% quality products which have up to 47% less impact on the environment. PaperWise makes sustainable purchasing easy and concrete, while helping people to reach objectives in the area of conducting Socially Responsible Business. More information:

Values of Eco Concepts & Products:

Eco Concepts & Products uses the following business principles:

1. Sustainable earnings model as starting point
In the traditional earnings model, the central focus is profit maximization. Efficiently selling raw materials in as large as possible volumes, supported by sophisticated communication, is the success formula. Eco Concepts & Products aims to establish a business model with sustainability, as the economic base of the company. The balance between People, Planet, and Profit forms the base for decisions of the company. Ecology/system thinking as a foundation opposed to a linear approach. The result is multiple value creation.

2. Takes chain responsibilty
Eco Concepts & Products aims to collaborate with other companies in order to form a closed chain in which waste is perpetually re-used as raw material. Processes such as re-use, recycling, and zero-waste, within an environment free of damaging chemicals, is necessary to achieve this. Taking chain responsibility is what Eco Concepts & Products regards as a crucial component of sustainable entrepreneurship. Eco Concepts & Products views itself as part of a cycle, and adds value within the cycle, in close cooperation with other companies.

3. Sustainability in energy
Eco Concepts & Products realizes that enormous environmental and economic gains can be achieved by reducing energy needs, using energy more efficiently, and using sustainable energy wherever possible. This is the reason why Eco Concepts & Products places great emphasis on the transition towards sustainable energy and on the reduction of energy demand.

4. Acts with respect for people and environment
Eco Concepts & Product realizes that its activities have consequences for all of its stakeholders. Respect for people and the environment determine the manner in which we do business. Eco Concepts & Product has respect for the values and norms of others.

5. Building sustainable leadership
Leadership is the key to innovation and system change. Eco Concepts & Products invests in sustainable leadership through sharing knowledge and inspiring people in the entire area of sustainability. Sustainable leadership is profit maximization in three dimensions: People, Planet, Profit.